Transparency in the fashion industry

Nowadays, in order to protect human rights and our environment it’s very important to add transparency in the fashion industry and Fashion Revolution is an important community that can bring changes in how the industry operates and this is why we ,as a brand, support it.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement which happens every year during the 24 of April which was the date of a fire catastrophe to one of the garment factory, Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, in which around 1134, mostly young women, died while working for the biggest global fashion brands. Fashion Revolution week it’s coming on 19/04 – 25/04 this year. The movement aims in:

  • An end to human and environmental exploitation in the global fashion industry
  • Safe, dignified working conditions and living wages for all people in the supply chain
  • Redistributed and more equal balance of power across the global fashion industry
  • A bigger and stronger labor movement in the global fashion industry
  • A global fashion industry that works to conserve precious resources and regenerate ecosystems
  • Transparency and accountability across the value chain in the fashion industry
  • An end to throwaway culture and shift to a system where materials are used for much longer and nothing goes to waste
  • Heritage, craftsmanship and local wisdoms are recognized and valued

Check more details about Fashion Revolution on ABOUT – Fashion Revolution : Fashion Revolution to understand more about the importance of transparency in the fashion industry.

Transparency in the fashion industry

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